Phonic PCR2213 Active Stereo Crossover

Phonic PCR2213 Active Stereo Crossover
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Product Details: Phonic PCR2213 Active Stereo Crossover

The Phonic PCR2213 is a professional stereo 2-way or mono 3-way 24 dB/octave crossover for any application where active-crossover multiple-way speaker system is used. Closely following speaker system designs, the PCR2213 is equipped with all the necessary signal processing features you expect from a professional crossover.

All outputs incorporate a limiter, a mute switch, and a phase invert button for maximum control and flexibility. With all this in mind, as well as the host of other features, this professional active crossover will not only bring the best performance out of your speaker system but take care of it as well.
    • Stereo 2-way or mono 3-way operation
    • Industrial standard of state-variable 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley filters with zero phase error at crossover frequencies
    • Perfect flat summed amplitude response at all Crossover frequencies
    • Independent limiters on all outputs with pre-defined time parameters
    • Latching mute push buttons on all outputs
    • LED indicators for all important switching functions for easy status identification
    • Crossover frequencies continuously variable from 80 Hz - 8 KHz
    • Time/phase alignment via polarity switches and 4 millisecond time delay controls
    • Switchable horn EQ to compensate the HF roll-off
    • RF and Subsonic input filters
    • High-precision components and potentiometers to ensure excellent quality and accuracy of settings
    • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs

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