Phonic XP5000 5000 Watt Power Amplifier

Phonic XP5000 5000 Watt Power Amplifier

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Product Details: Phonic XP5000 5000 Watt Power Amplifier

Phonic XP Series power amplifiers deliver from 280 to 5000 Watts of power in two to three rack spaces. Built around robust and advanced toroidal transformers, they deliver clean power on demand.

The advanced protection circuitry guards against short circuit and open circuit, and also protects against ultrasonic and RF interference. A high current power supply increases reliability and performance. Other features include center-detented gain controls, input peak limiter, selectable high pass filter, and fast recovery to ensure low distortion. The variable speed fans effectively cool the amp and protect against overheating. Input is through XLR or 1/4" connectors, while you can use Speakon-type or binding post connectors for output. The XP 2100, 3100 and 5100 power amps have sub woofer outputs with a selectable low pass filter at 60, 90 or 120 Hz. Phonic XP Power Amplifiers are specially designed for professionals who value high power, audio clarity, reliability and lasting performance.

  • 2500W + 2500W @ 2 Ohm; 5000W @ 4 Ohm bridged
  • Dual mono, high current power supply for increased reliability and performance
  • High-current toroidal transformers for greater two-ohm power and low noise
  • Independent user-defeatable clip limiters reduce distortion
  • Selectable high pass filters (30 Hz or 50 Hz) protect speakers and increase headroom
  • Balanced 1/4" (6.3 mm) TRS, XLR, and barrier strip inputs for maximum flexibility
  • Binding post and Speakon-type outputs
  • Selectable stereo, parallel & bridge mono amp modes
  • Ground lift switch to prevent hum
  • Signal level at -40, -20, -10, protect and clip LED indicators to monitor performance
  • Bridge mono and parallel mode indicators
  • Front mounted detented gain controls for easy access
  • Fast Recovery design for lower distortion at clipping
  • Advance protection circuitry guards against: short circuit, open circuit, thermal, ultrasonic, and RF protection, stable into mismatched loads, on/off muting, DC fault output crowbar
  • Three rack unit high

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