Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 8 Ohms

Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 8 Ohms
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Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 8 Ohms Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 8 Ohms
Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 4 Ohms Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 4 Ohms

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Product Details: Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet - 2x10 inch, 350 watts, 8 Ohms

The Eden D210XLT is a favorite with professionals and considered to be the best 2x10 enclosure available.

It features Eden's exclusive handmade EC-1060XL Cast Frame woofers and an adjustable E-2700 Cast Bell tweeter. This little system has more deep bass than many other 4 x 10 designs. Its tight, deep, focused sound lets the true character of your instrument shine through.

Eden David Series Cabinets
The David Eden Bass Guitar Enclosures are carefully engineered and hand crafted to give you years of trouble free world class performance even under the most strenuous performance conditions. At Eden, they approach speaker design from a different direction than most companies. Given their long history and wide industry background, Eden looks at speaker systems as a logical extension of the player and instrument. Eden designs and voices each enclosure to enhance certain traits just as a fine instrument is crafted. After you have spent your time and money finding the perfect bass you will want an amplifier and speaker system capable of doing it justice. Eden is the only bass guitar amplifier company that actually hand builds their own speaker and tweeters. This allows them to control the sound and production quality of their own products very carefully, ensuring that you get the very best bass guitar products possible.

Eden uses AA furniture grade plywood, all Dado and Rabbit construction with the massive internal bracing required to really produce the low bass note properly. The porting is optimized for high level performance and the boxes are tuned to maximize sound quality and performance. The enclosures are all designed to reproduce the true sound of your bass with the proper character and clarity. Nothing sounds like an Eden.

Based on your playing style and venue requirements, Eden has a system to match your taste and budget needs.

About Eden
Since their beginning as a custom builder for professional artists and manufacturers in 1976, Eden Electronics has had one goal in mind: To build the highest quality bass amplification equipment possible. Their goal is truly realized with the David Series Bass Enclosures and Professional Amplification.

From the beginning, the key to Eden's success was the development of high quality, innovative designs, coupled with the best possible quality control through in-house manufacturing of all key design elements. Each component in the Eden David and World Tour Series is hand built and tested in their new factory complex.

At Eden, each new cabinet design begins its life as a CAD model. Sophisticated relationships between speaker and cabinet size, air movement and baffle design are first designed with the assistance of specialized computer simulations. While CAD has revolutionized cabinet design, nothing replaces the trained human ear. Each Eden cabinet is carefully evaluated for sonic detail and voicing by their staff and professional bass players in real-world situations. The result is a marriage of technology and pure musical considerations: the Eden David Series Bass Enclosures.

All Eden enclosures are constructed with 5/8" thick void free plywood with full dado and rabbet jointing. Massive internal bracing prevents vibration and keeps the sound deep, tight and clear. Exclusive Eden Cast Frame loudspeakers and Eden Cast Bell ultra low distortion tweeter horns are designed, hand-built and tested in their own factory.

True to Eden's goal of providing the professional bassist a no-compromise solution to bass amplification, the hand-built World Tour Series amplifiers utilize the finest materials and highest quality control of any system on the market today. The exceptional tone quality of the World Tour Series is the result of a marriage of traditional vacuum tube technology with the reliability of modern solid state devices. The Eden design philosophy is at the heart of their sonically superior hybrid design. Maximum reliability in the amplification of natural bass sound without unwanted sound coloration.

At the heart of the power section is Eden's massive toroidal transformer which provides the World Tour Series with more consistent regulation and sonic quality with less weight than traditional transformer design. For maximum rigidity and rejection of unwanted electromagnetic interference, Eden Amplifiers utilize a unique one-piece main chassis made from a single piece of heavy aluminum plate with 18 gauge steel chassis covers. Lock washers on all the screws prevent loosening from vibration, while on the job or on the road. In the unlikely event of an operational problem, Edenツつャツг state-of- the-art modular electronic construction allows for easy repair and simple upgrades. All World Tour Series amplifier systems come standard with rack mount kits, easily selectable AC voltages for international use and a rock-solid two-year world-wide warranty.

Finally, Eden believes that their world-class innovative products are only the beginning of their story. Since their inception, Eden has built an unsurpassed reputation among players for our excellent Customer Service. They thank you for choosing Eden Amplification and are certain you will find Eden products to be technically superior, with an unsurpassed musical quality. More importantly, you will find the staff at Eden to be your partner in your quest for sonic excellence and true bass tone.

Eden would like to thank all of the artists and players who have supported Eden over the years and made our success possible. They are very excited about the U.S. Music Corp. acquisition of Eden. This merger brings a new and exciting chapter in Eden history. U.S. Music Corp. brings a number of strong assets that Eden has always needed to move to the next level. First and foremost is the deep commitment to maintaining Eden's high quality of hand crafted "Made in USA" products. Secondly U.S. Music Corp is excited to initiate product improvements, product availability, R&D and the marketing capability to spread the word.

Eden D210XLT Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet Specifications

  • Speakers: EC-1060XL Cast Frame
  • Tweeters: E-2700 Cast Bell
  • Crossover: 3.5KHz @ 18dB
  • Power Handling: 350 wattsツつRMS
  • Frequency Response: 48Hz - 14KHz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB SPL
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19.5 x 18.5 inches (W x H x D)ツつ
  • Weight: 68 pounds

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