Line 6 Vetta II Guitar Amplifier (2x12 Inch, 2x75 Watts with Digital Effects)

Line 6 Vetta II Guitar Amplifier (2x12 Inch, 2x75 Watts with Digital Effects)

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Product Details: Line 6 Vetta II Guitar Amplifier (2x12 Inch, 2x75 Watts with Digital Effects)

The Line 6 Vetta II is the latest evolution of Line 6's flagship Vetta amp family. Vetta II contains a complete arsenal of amps, stompboxes, and studio-quality effects ready to be instantly wired up and tweaked to perfection at the touch of a button.

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Vetta II delivers unbelievably authentic amp models, based on a world-class collection of vintage and modern amps, stompbox and studio effects, digital I/O, and Variax connectivity. Vetta II is loaded with a pair of custom 12" Celestion speakers driven by a 150-watt stereo power section, ideal for the most demanding performance situations. This is normally used in stereo (75 watts per speaker), but can also be split to provide 75 watts of one channel to both internal speakers while feeding the other channel's 75 watts into an external speaker cabinet. The power amplifier design has substantial peak power capability, which provides for lots of headroom and significant transient blink factor. Vetta II is the perfect recording rig with its independent XLR balanced direct outs, AES/EBU and S/PDIF 24-bit/96KHz digital inputs and outputs and A.I.R. mic/speaker simulation. In addition, a direct digital Variax Modeling Guitar input seamlessly integrates Variax's collection of guitars with Vetta II's collection of amps, cabs, and effects. Add an FBV pedal board, and this entire setup can be transformed into virtually any rig with just the press of a footswitch.

Vetta II “ Unlimited Possibilities

  • Meticulously crafted modern and classic amp models
  • Over 50 stompbox effects models, including filter and synth effects
  • 24/bit/96kHz digital recording via AES/EBU or S/PDIF
  • Digitally connects to Variax modeling guitar
  • Saves Variax and Vetta setting at the touch of a footswitch

Vetta II contains the entire Line 6 collection of meticulously crafted amp models, including more than two-dozen exclusive Line 6 signature tones. Line 6 signature tones are unobtainable on any other amp and include: Purge, Octone, Spinal Puppet, Smash, among others. Any two amp models can be used simultaneously, providing for endless combinations of amps and settings with exacting tonal detail.

Vetta II also contains over 100 models of speaker cabinets, stompbox effects, studio effects, and microphones. Vetta II includes models of vintage and modern effects, as well as many Line 6 original creations. Some of these are of the stompbox variety, some are studio-style post effects, and some can fit into either group. The categories of effects in Vetta II include Distortion, Overdrive, Compressors, Chorus, Flangers, Phasers, Tremolos, Pitch Shifters, Filter effects, Synthesizer effects, Digital Delays, Analog Delays, Tape and Tube-based Delays, Rotary Speakers, EQs, Spring, Room, Plate, Hall, and effect Reverbs, and quite a few that defy definition.

Two Amps at Once
One of the revolutionary features of Vetta II is its ability to provide two totally independent amp models at the same time. You have complete control over where they're placed in the stereo field. You can pick any two amps and pan them hard left and hard right, send one amp to a Vetta external cab, or layer them right on top of each other. Just about anything you can think up, Vetta II can do it. For an even bigger sound, kick on the Double Tracker and now it sounds like you're in the studio œdouble tracking your guitar part. Once you experience two amps at once, you may have a hard time going back to just one. We did. Now, take a look at the over 70 amps you can double-up and party with.

Effects and the Kitchen Sink
From dirty stompbox distortion to studio-quality reverb lushness, Vetta II gives you models of the greatest effects in guitar history. Vetta II gives you the ability to have ALL of these effects on at the same time: Any three of 53 stompbox models, a wah pedal, a volume pedal, a noise gate, a studio-grade compressor, two types of tremolo, graphic or parametric post EQ, a choice of 21 modulation effects, a choice of 14 delay effects, and any one of 16 different reverb types.

But, what fun are a bunch of effects if you can't hook them up in strange ways? Well, Vetta II has more routing options than even we can keep track of. You can even LOCK all of Vetta II's modulation and delay effects to the Tap Tempo function. Now you can change the tempo of multiple delays, plus chorus and tremolo speeds all with a single FBV footswitch. But that's not all. Here's a quick start guide to some of Vetta II's routing madness.

    Vetta II gives you any three of 53 stompboxes to go mad with at once. They can all be different, they can all be the same, and they can be œwired in any configuration you please, into either or both amps. What if you put a delay into a flanger and then into a fuzz? How about three different kinds of delay? Be different. We dare ya!
    In-Line Effects
    The Tremolo, Gate, Comp(ressor) and EQ buttons make up the In-Line effects group. Gate comes before all of the stompboxes while the rest come right after the amp/cab.

    Routable Post Effects
    The Loop, Pitch Shift, Mod, Delay, and Reverb are all part of the post studio-type effects. Just like the stompboxes always stay before the amp, these effects are always after the amp/cab. You can change the order of the post effects, the signal flow (series, parallel or chain) and even their physical output assignment. If this is the stuff you crave, Vetta II's manual is practically a history lesson on how effects routing works.

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