Casio LK270 61 Key Personal Keyboard

Casio LK270 61 Key Personal Keyboard
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Product Details: Casio LK270 61 Key Personal Keyboard

The Casio LK270 Personal Keyboard is a great tool for teaching both beginners and more advanced players!

The LK270 includes a Step-teaching function to get great instruction from the very beginning. The Step Lesson's songs are seperated into smaller phrases that is easy for anyone to understand and recreate. The keyboard will have you play a phrase of music and when that phrase is mastered you are ready to advance to the next phrase. After completing phrase after phrase you will find that you have learned to play a whole song, one section at a time. Talk about an effective teacher, this keyboard has lighted keys that show you where to play next and will also call out the number of what finger needs to play next in a simulated voice.

Casio LK270 Features

  • 61 piano-style keys
  • Key Lighting System (on / off)
  • Touch Response (2 sensitivity levels, off)
  • 48-note polyphony (maximum)
  • 570 high quality tones including Stereo grand piano tones
  • 180 rhythms including 74 ethnic rhythms and 20 patterns for piano play
  • Auto-accompaniment
  • 152 Song Bank tunes, including 50 Exercise phrases
  • Music Preset (305 presets)
  • One Touch Presets (180 presets)
  • 10 Digital Effects
  • Microphone input (Microphone sold separately)
  • Optional power supply Casio AD5


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