AMT ACC3 Mono 3 Microphone System For Accordion

AMT ACC3 Mono 3 Microphone System For Accordion

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Product Details: AMT ACC3 Mono 3 Microphone System For Accordion

The ACC3 is a multi condenser 3 microphone system for accordion.

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The system contains the latest components in micro electronics. The ultra low mass makes placement easier than other systems on the market today. The system comes with with the "Nano Blend" belt pack.

Housing most of the electronics outside of the accordion makes installation less complicated. With fewer holes to drill, it is easier and more dependable over many years of use. The battery is changable outside of the accordion because it is located in the belt pack. It's small size and low mass gives the end user the ability to permanently or temporarily mount the microphone without major modifications to the accordion.

The ACC3 comes with a wiring harness allowing installation of the bass mic through the bellows and mounted close to the bass machine. Some modification maybe necessary to accommodate the third microphone.

The system is best suited for mic level inputs (PA systems) but also works with line level amps. Both ACC1 & ACC3 will be wireless capable, able to be interfaced with major brand wireless products. The 9 volt battery life for operation is between 80-120 hours of intermittent use before replacement. The output of this system is activated by the quarter inch jack output when plugged in.

The ACC3 Mono version has mixing capabilites right on the belt pack. The belt pack has two gain controls to adjust the volume of the right hand microphones in relation to the left hand microphones. Both hands terminate to a 1/4 inch standard patch cable. The belt pack also has trim filters. The trim filters only cut the highs / and or lows for both the right and left hand independently. You cannot boost highs or lows, this features is designed to help the players with feedback in certian situations.

This product Microphone is Wi5C compatable! Click here to Add wireless Wi5 unit

AMT Audio Overview.
A brief audio overview of AMT.
Dan Willis - Place Of Enlightenment
Dan Willis band in a studio with Ron Oswanski on Accordion with the ACC3 and the AMT WS on Oboe.
ACC3 Right Hand Microphones!
Listen to the ACC3 with two mic's in the right hand cover the reed blocks evenly.
Frank Marocco - ACC3
AMT Endorser Frank Marocco using the AMT ACC3 live. Thanks to Frank for the files!
Marty Paglione Pod Cast with Tony Miceli
Tony interviews Marty about some technical issue's related to AMT Microphones and technical information in general. Microphone bleed, rejection rate, etc etc..
Julien Labro
Julien's using the AMT ACC3 setups.

AMT ACC3 Mono Specifications

  • Element Condenser
  • Polar Pattern Omni
  • Frequency 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity -64dB+ 3dB
  • Impedance 600 Ohms*
  • Power 9 volt battery
  • Max input SPL 132 dB
  • Mic Dimension .375 X .50
  • Cable 6'
  • Weight Mic only: 11 grams Per mic

    Use it with:

    • Piano Accordions
    • Button Accordions
    • Chromatic Accordions
    • Free Bass Accordions
    • 12 Bass - 120 Bass Accordions
    • Cajun Accordions

    Comes with:

    • AMT ACC3 Microphones (Three)
    • Nano Blend Belt Pack Preamp.
    • Installation Kit Includes:
      • 3 Individual microphones. 2 - Right hand, 1 - Left hand.
      • 1 Nano Blend Belt Pack Preamp.
      • 1 Output connector Jack with nut. Mounts to grill.
      • 1 Coil Cable to extend Left hand microphone through bellows.
      • 2 L Shaped Brackets mounts inside the bellows.
      • 1 Disconnecting circuit board that junctions all wires together.
      • 1 1/8 inch cable. (Connects accordion to the belt pack.)
      • Wood screws. (Used only if needed for securing microphones and / or L brackets.

    Manufacturer Info
    Phone : 908-665-2727
    Warranty : Limited One Year Warranty

    Wireless Ability:

    The AMT ACC3 can be used in conjuction with guitar wireless transmitters that have a 1/4 inch plug on the end.

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