Phonic Powerpod 1060 Powered Mixer

Phonic Powerpod 1060 Powered Mixer
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Product Details: Phonic Powerpod 1060 Powered Mixer


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The new POWERPOD1060 takes the concept of the incredibly popular POWERPOD740 a stage further by offering increased facilities and flexibility. Eight balanced mic inputs, ten line level inputs, built in digital effects and three separate 200 watt power amplifiers are combined to offer perfect solution for all manner of PA requirements. Three separate power amplifiers enable the POWERPOD1060 to be run in two different modes.

Mode I : Stereo front of house (200watts per channel) and mono monitoring.
Mode II: Mono front of house (400watt mono) with mono monitoring (200watts).
When the job requires power and flexibility, the economically priced POWERPOD1060 fits the bill.

  • 3 separate 200 Watt power amplifier modules for main stereo and stage monitoring.
  • 2 of the power channels can be bridged for higher power
  • 4 types of digital effect allow the user to add reverb or ambiance to the mix
  • 8 balanced mic inputs
  • 10 balanced/unbalanced TRS 1/4" jack line inputs
  • Gain,
  • 3-band EQ and pan controls on all channels
  • Tape input / record output via RCA (phono) connectors
  • 3-channel
  • 7-band graphic equalizers, stereo EQ for front of house, mono EQ for stage monitor
  • 3 built-in limiters prevent excessive input levels to amp modules
  • Globally switchable 48V phantom power for powering condenser microphones.
  • Headphone amp with stereo 1/4" connector and dedicated level control.

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