Zeta Jean Luc Ponty Signature - Jazz Standard Electric Violin

Zeta Jean Luc Ponty Signature - Jazz Standard Electric Violin
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Product Details: Zeta Jean Luc Ponty Signature - Jazz Standard Electric Violin

His name has been synonymous with Zeta since he first recorded with the original Jazz violin in 1984.

This Product is Discontinued or No Longer Available at BirdlandMusic.Net - Out of stock

EVL Classic 5 String Electric Midi Violin

Jean Luc Ponty has recorded and performed with this design since 1992 and we are proud to make it available in a limited edition model.

Zeta's famous Jazz pickup system delivers a clean, pure violin tone that has become Jean Luc Ponty‚¬„s signature tone. Whether used as an analog pickup or a digital MIDI pickup in conjunction with the Zeta Synthony II MIDI Controller / Synthesizer (sold separately), the Jazz pickup system provides the ultimate in clarity of string tone without feedback.

Zeta's proprietary active internal preamp system increases the power of the pickup signal and filters out extraneous overtones. This state-of-the-art system delivers a wide range of amplification flexibility, supporting a variety of tonal characteristics adaptable to diverse playing techniques and styles of music. An internal 9-volt battery provides over 1,000 hours of service on average.

Individual string digital outputs allow the use of each string as a separate MIDI channel through the Synthony for maximum MIDI controller capabilities. Access software notation programs and MIDI applications, using the Jean Luc Ponty Signature model as a MIDI controller.

The Jean Luc Ponty Signature violin features the Fusion body style with a maple top and maple back. A fusion of a traditional lower bout outline with a sweeping modernistic upper bout cutaway, the Jean Luc Ponty Signature model body design facilitates reach to all positions and allows for unlimited neck access.

The 5-string maple set-neck features an ebony fingerboard and the original ultra-modern Jazz violin headstock, with straight peg allen wrench ebony tuners. A removable third-position stop is provided for reference familiarity.

The Jean Luc Ponty Signature model is available only in Vintage MapleBurst high gloss finish and features an ebony chin rest, high quality tailpiece with fine tuners, on-board volume control, standard ‚¼" output jack, and multi-pin MIDI output jack.

The Jean Luc Ponty Signature model is factory equipped with a set of Zeta steel electric strings, specially manufactured for Zeta by the D'Addario string company.

A custom-fit, molded hardshell SKB case is included with each Signature violin.

The Jean-Luc Ponty Signature model is truly‚¬¦the Height of Artistic Expression

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By matt

None of these instruments are made anymore! Jean-Luc does not sign Zetas and the ebony style headstock was discontinued 10 years ago. Zeta amps are only available on Ebay. You'd have better luck ordering a new '57 Chevy.
By Sandu tTanasache

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